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The Ladies of Rosalia

Prim, Proper and Plotting.

The ladies of Rosalia
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We are the ladies of Rosalia - we are prim, proper, well educated and are among St. Sophronia's elite. We win at whatever we set our sights to. We are the ladies that practice good habits and behave gracefully. We are so close to becoming ladies that we dream of it day and night. We handle every situation with class and dignity until we have been crossed.

We are also the girls that you do not want to make angry.

We shall keep these words that we speak private - it is no one else's business but our own.

The esteemed ladies of Rosalia are
Miss Anwen Hailyn (anwenhailyn)
Miss Augusta Beckwith
Miss Aurelie Penrose
Miss Christina Moir (christina_moir)
Miss Chrysanta Beaufort (beaufortcharm)
Miss Constance O'Connell
Miss Darcy O'Brannon
Miss Dorothy Ellington
Miss Elizabeth Fenwick
Miss Ellette Gingham (ellette_gingham)
Miss Francesca Benoist
Miss Garnet Hamilton
Miss Genevieve LaDuke
Miss Isabelle Rodham
Miss Jane White (rosaliajane)
Miss Jocelyn Cortez (jocelyncortez)
Miss Mariette Park (missmariette)
Miss Ingrid Morrison (ingridmorrison)|(angry_chick)
Miss Rosaleen DeCecile
Miss Tainth Riordan
Miss Vivian Merriweather

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